Who, What and Why CBD?

Who, What and Why CBD?

As you all know I’m a huge ambassador for plant medicine and plant therapy.  Many of the products offered to my clients and in our products are infused with various essentials oils, herbs and now CBD.   Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now you know what essential oils are and I’m sure you’ve heard of the benefits of herbs for health and wellness, but there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s called CBD.   CBD is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabais sativa plant.  Yes, I said it and you heard it correctly, the cannabais sativa plant.  When most people hear the word cannabais, the immediately think marijuana and that would be true, however, that’s only half of the story.  The cannabais sativa plant has two varieties, and the only thing that separates the varieties is the amount of THC in them.  By the way, THC is the psychoactive component of the plant that creates the “high” effect.   An amount of THC that goes above .03 percent is considered marijiuana and anything amount of THC that is under 0.3 percent is considered hemp.  Both Hemp and Marijuana contain healing properties and health benefits, however, with marijuana you will also get the high or euphoric effect.   Hence enters CBD via the Hemp strain.  Hemp contains either zero THC or at a legal maximum .03 percent THC, which is not enough to get you high, but will give you all of health benefits such as pain relief, inflammation, anxiety relief and too may benefits to mention in this article.

Is CBD or Hemp Legal?

The short answer is yes, CBD is legal in most states including Texas. As the legal use of hemp and other cannabis products grows, consumers are becoming more curious about their options. As stated earlier, this includes cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), two natural compounds found in plants of the Cannabis genus.

CBD, the new player on the block, which is a gamechanger might I add can be extracted from hemp or cannabis.

Again, legal hemp must contain 0.3 percent THC or less. CBD is sold in the form of gels, gummies, oils, supplements, extracts, and more.

On the other hand THC the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the high sensation is illegal in some states and legal in many others.  If you live in the state of Texas it’s illegal unless you have a qualifying medical condition.   The legality of cannabais is a much bigger issue and would require an entire thesis to walkthrough.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD and Hemp?

CBD and THC have many of the same medical benefits. They can provide relief from several of the same conditions. However, CBD doesn’t cause the euphoric effects that occur with THC. Some people may prefer to use CBD because of the lack of this side effect.

CBD is used to help with other various conditions, such as:

THC is used to help with the following:

CBD is well tolerated, even in large doses.