Holistic Healing Essential Oils
Holistic Healing Essential Oils

Holistic Healing Essential Oils

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be used to create a sacred environment for prayer and healing.

Picture it: You come home after a long day of work, and when you walk inside you’re greeted by the serene scent of rose geranium. Ah, how relaxing. The stress of the day fades away – it’s as if the volume in your head was turned all the way down. You immediately feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Along with promoting relaxation, there are many healing benefits of aromatherapy.

As an all-natural alternative medicine, aromatherapy uses essential oils taken from flowers, peels of plants, leaves, stems, bark, seeds, and roots. When essential oils are inhaled they have been proven to be beneficial for people with various health issues.

Dating back to ancient Egyptians and Greeks, essential oils have been used for both religious and medicinal purposes. During World War I, French soldiers returning home were given aromatherapy not only to treat their wounds, but also to reduce anxiety and the PTSD from battle. All essential oils and herbal therapies are not created equal. Our essentials are created by Certified Aromatherapist and Holistic Practitioners.  We work with small farmers who use organic practices to ensure that our products were grown in quality soil without chemicals or additives. 

Stress No More - A friend that will help you unwind after a long day or in the moment.  Works really fast.  Just rub a few drops on your wrist or behind your ears or simply inhale and you immediately feel a calmness take over.

Sanctuary - The most beautiful smelling oil that you will ever experience.  Guaranteed to create a peaceful zen like environment.

Digest Me - Blend with lemongrass and lavender along with other calming oils that will relieve digestive issues such as bloating and constipation.

Calm Down - Proprietary blend that can be used for ADHD for both kids and adults.

Nights of Passion - Beautiful blend of Rose and Arabian Oud.

Nightly Night - Proprietary blend of lavender, chamomiles, vetiver that will guarantee you a good nights sleep. 

Germ Ninja - Powerful blend of bacterial and viral fighting oils that have been used for centuries to disinfect and sanitize.  Consist of cinnamon, clove, lemon and our proprietary blend.

Pain Away - Blend of wintergreen and helichrysum along with our proprietary mixtures that will ease pain and inflammation.

Prayer Time - Spiritual oils that include olive, frankincense and myrrh to

Exodus - Powerful blend of oils of ancient scripture that were used by Moses during the Exodus.

Lemon and Lime- Create a clean crispy environment.  Add to dish washing liquid.  Inhale for extra energy and mid day wake pick me up.

Peppermint - The many uses of peppermint.  Help fight nasal congestion, sinus relief, headaches.  After noon energy boost

Eucalyptus - Disinfectant, Sinus, Respiratory, Decongestant

Tea Tree - Miracle working Tea Tree oil heals wounds 10 times quicker.  Add to shampoo for scalp relief.  Sinus Relief, Respiratory